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The mix of partly cloudy skies above with thundershowers in the distance made way for great photo opportunity over Boone Lake. These photos were taken during the evening hours on May 27, 2015 as the thundershowers developed across the western North Carolina mountains.

An unusual strong Arctic air mass pushed temperatures to a low  -3° F  on Boone Lake on the morning of January 30, 2014. The near record cold temperatures combined with relative humidity near 100% to create a type of frost known as 'hoarfrost'.

The combination of cirrus, alto-stratus and alto-cumulus clouds created a beautiful sunrise over Boone Lake - March 18, 2015

Spring & Summer Photography

Here's a look at various cloud types with classified according to their height, forming mechanism and other characteristics

Fall foliage pictures from northeast Tennessee and western North Carolina that I have taken over the years (2006-2014)

More fall foliage pics (2006-2014)


This tornado was captured by Meteorologist Rob Batot as it impacted areas near Rock Springs Rd. in Sullivan county, TN near Kingsport. F1, F2 damage later verified by the NWS with this tornado. Areas impacted included locations along a path that stretched from the Rock Springs community in Sullivan county to the town of Gray in Washington county.

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