• q-iconIf I purchase a Customized Forecast for my trip to Myrtle Beach, will you send me an update if the weather changes?

    Yes, your Customized Forecast will include updates via text or email (which ever you prefer) if there are changes in the initial forecast that I originally sent you. Of course, I hope to give you an accurate forecast initially, but as we know, sometimes the weather changes. My goal is to stay on top of the weather so that you don’t have to worry about it during your vacation, event or travel.

  • q-iconRob, If I subscribe to your Premium Member Forecast, will I be able to easily cancel in the furture, if I choose?

    Yes, it’s quick and easy as well. If for any reason, you decide to unsubscribe to my Premium Member Forecast here are the steps you need to take: Login to your PayPal account and click on the profile button in the upper right hand corner. On that page under payment settings, just click pre-approved payments. Then click on Rob’s Forecast and under subscription details, click on cancel (confirm the cancel). That’s it – remember though, once you realize that you miss my forecast, it’s easy to sign up again … just like you did the first time.   :)

  • q-iconWhat's the main difference between Rob's 'Premium Member Forecast' and just getting the weather from the weather channel or my phone

    There’s actually a big difference. The Weather Channel gets it’s forecast from the National Weather Service. A couple of points here: The NWS has a huge forecasting area that includes Knoxville and Chattanooga – while I just focus on only our area. They also have to be more conservative with their forecasts and do not issue updates very often as the weather changes. If I see a weather system falling apart or changing it’s direction, I’ll quickly issue an and take down our chance for rain so that you’ll be able to continue with your outdoor plans instead of cancelling them.